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The wolf is a highly symbolized animal in European culture.

Tales, fairy tales, myths and legends have made it an extremely familiar figure in people’s imagination, where it usually plays the role of the “villain”, the big bad wolf. 

Not everyone has a scientific knowledge of the wolf, but everyone has heard about it and often has an opinion about the predator based more on tradition than facts, with a strong negative prejudice. Wrong beliefs cloud and fuel the social conflict, which often sees the inhabitants of rural areas, who have a more hostile attitude, face the inhabitants of urban areas, who generally express themselves in favour of the conservation of the wolf.


With the recent natural return of wolves also in lowland and urban areas, it is important to provide the elements for citizens to face this new presence safely and serenely.

In addition, the negative attitudes of public opinion towards wolves are often amplified by the sensationalistic tones used by the media, which fuel a climate of unjustified tension and fear. Fear is defeated by knowledge and correct information.

This is why we will improve the quality and dissemination of information related to wolves and the correct behaviour to adopt in the areas of presence of the species, with particular attention to areas of recent colonization. We will do this through targeted communication, getting in touch and sharing information with stakeholders, local communities, the general public, journalists and influencers, tourism professionals and mountain visitors.

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How? Through a wide range of tools: the website, but also workshops, training courses, thematic conferences, networking events with other LIFE projects, articles, videos, social media.

We will actively involve stakeholders by organizing platforms that are created to share problems, propose and implement solutions. Individuals and associations that have objectives in common with the project, will be the best disseminators of its messages and will become its stewards: we will work together, because only by sharing objectives and joining forces we can get far.

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