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Welcome to the webpage dedicated to the Stewardship!

Land stewardship promotes the idea that nature and biodiversity conservation is
compatible with human activity, encouraging the involvement of people who work
in and know their landscape. At the core of land stewardship lies the principle of co-responsibility in the management of natural resources.

Stewardship relies on caring, respect, sharing, managing resources, responsibility, confidence, engagement and involvement.

LWA EU Stewards are stakeholder who decide to actively interact with the project because they believe it is worth to do so. In the complex human-wolf coexistence, each steward is different and there are several different ways to take part, interact and be co-responsible.

This section of the LWA EU website is dedicated to the stories of the stewards and shows their diversity.

Would you like to become a Steward of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project?

Write to and we will put you in touch with the local Stewardship Office managers!

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