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Young Ranger

Who’s a Young Ranger?

Young Rangers are kids who are naturally curious about nature and who want to be actively involved in environmental protection. Thanks to the International Young Ranger Programme, you will explore unique environments and learn about their biodiversity, helping to protect them, making your contribution so that wildlife and humans can live together, coexisting.

How to become a Young Ranger?

To gain the Young Ranger badge, visit one of the Protected Areas, museums or wildlife centres of the Young Ranger Network, you will find them on the Young Ranger Map:

The first time you will receive an activity booklet to complete and a pass…park! pi.e. a kind of park passport where you can collect the stamps of the protected areas you have visited. When you have completed your mission by solving the games in the booklet, take it back to where you got it: you will receive your Young Ranger badge and the park stamp in your passport! But be careful: to earn the badge, every Young Ranger must promise to do her/his best to protect the environment!

…and after that? The adventure continues!

A true Young Ranger doesn’t stop: keep exploring the spots on the map, collecting posters and stamps! Some protected areas (the ones coloured blue on the map) have, in addition to the booklet, special posters with games to complete that will take you on a discovery tour of the special rocks, animals and plants of each area.

How much do you know? Check your answers here:

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