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A : Preparatory Actions, Elaboration of Management Plans and/or Action Plans


Transboundary cooperation and coordination: establish the international Alpine wolf population working groups

Getting off on the right foot takes a lot of initial effort, but it's worth it. Intra- and inter- national coordination is the key word to decrease management fragmentation, considering the alpine wolf…



Establishment and training of the wolf prevention emergency teams: evaluation of the initial situation and operations strategy 

Damages to livestock are one of the most important causes of human-carnivore conflict, which makes prevention crucial in solving problems. We will first characterize the conditions of conflict,…



Training of new anti-poisoning dog units and coordination of international and national environmental judicial policy - definition of the overall strategy

Poisoned baits and poaching cause large wolf and wildlife mortality are dangerous to people and pets. However, poisoning is difficult to counteract because it…



Active involvement of hunting organizations in wolf population management and development of strategy for a predator-prey-hunters relationship evaluation

Hunters often perceive wolves as a competitor for shared prey species, and this might be the cause for a widespread conflict among wolves and hunters. Wolves in…



Optimization of an integrated surveillance of the wolf status at the international alpine population level

Successful wolf conservation in a human dominated landscape such as the Alps is possible only with an efficient, coordinated, transboundary, science-based surveillance of the system. Detailed knowledge is necessary to…



Hybridization in the alpine population and connection corridor: define protocols, management actions, and teams of interventions

Hybridization between wolf and dog is a source of justified concern and the scientific community considers it as a severe threat to wolf conservation. This action provides the preparation…



Dealing with urban wolves: develop specific protocols for prevention, surveillance, and eventually managing bold wolves

Urban wolves are a new important issue especially present in higher density areas in the Western Alps of Italy and France and in the Piedmont-Ligurian Apennine Corridor . The Piemonte…



Summary of Best Practices for wolf population management and Slovenia Management plan

Within this action, we will summarize all key findings in activities regarding best practices for wolf coexistence and management developed in Actions A, C, D, and E, in a document called “Summary of…

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