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Establishment and training of the wolf prevention emergency teams: evaluation of the initial situation and operations strategy 

Damages to livestock are one of the most important causes of human-carnivore conflict, which makes prevention crucial in solving problems. We will first characterize the conditions of conflict, understand the mechanisms of wolf attacks on livestock and identify preventive methods good practices. We will then provide practical solutions developing a first-aid wolf prevention intervention units (WPIUs) to be tested and implemented in each Country, to concrete operate in action C1. 

Steps to implement the action:

  • Initial situation evaluation to focus interventions and ad-hoc optimal preventive strategies.
  •  Transfer of best practices and guidelines for cattle and sheep protection developed in the Western Italian Alps.
  • Development of the WPIUs new effective prevention approach: a first-aid model to be tested and implemented in each Country. The WPIUs will be trained and locally established to act in case of livestock depredation for rapidly implementing preventive tools, using ad-hoc optimal preventive strategies, indicating the correct use of LGD, providing administrative assistance and operating as mediators. 
  • Creation of first-aid WPIU in the 4 Countries.
  • Training courses and workshops will be organized to prepare WPIU operators to intervene in damages and preventive cases.
  • Specific evaluation of livestock/flock management complementing livestock protection measures and their possible use with WPIU.
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