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The main stages of the project, step by step.



First training course for new monitoring operators

The training of new operators was held in Avigliana: from October they will be involved in the first national monitoring of the wolf coordinated by ISPRA throughout Italy and entrusted to the the LIFE WolfAlps EU project for the Alpine regions.

The day was organized by the Cottian Alps Protected Areas with two theoretical sessions, one practical session and 200 operators involved.


First training course for new monitoring operators

Today in Chiusa Pesio (CN), at the headquarters of the Marguareis Natural Park, the first training event on monitoring was held, which involved about 120 new operators.An intense day, between frontal lessons and practical tests entrusted to the operators of the LIFE WolfAlps EU Project and the staff of the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps to teach how to recognize, collect, georeference the signs of presence and documented sightings in a standardized way and without danger for the safety of the operators.


Summer School 2020

Finally back on the field! From 4th to 6th September the first project summer school took place in Valle Gesso, organized by the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps: 28 motivated and curious teachers from all – or almost all – northern Italy, from nursery schools to agricultural institutes.

Three days of intense exchange and confrontation, where the theme of coexistence with the wolf was tackled without filters, so as to give everyone the tools to build an informed opinion and use the contents to develop ad hoc educational activities.


First Project Monitoring Visit

The monitoring visit has also been virtual – but it is always an essential step to understand where and how the project is going…


First Project Annual Meeting

Meeting in person is better, but technology helped us to overcome distances and all 19 project partners were able to meet in a virtual room to take stock of the progress of the project and plan the next steps.


First session of the Wool Living Lab

A very operational online meeting with those in the business, a breeder and the contact person of The Biella Wool Company to understand the critical issues of wool recovery and reuse in the Italian Alps.


Online Brainstorming on ecotourism: ideas, experiences, objectives.

Products, packages, training: a preliminary comparison to understand how to put the project at the service of an authentic ecotourism where the wolf becomes the right “excuse” to tell the territory in its natural and cultural richness and complexity.


Wolf prevention intervention units: let's start

Mixed teams of professionals to support breeders who suffer predation: here are the first in Piedmont.


First LIFE Alpine Young Ranger brainstorming workshop

More than 20 protected areas online to network and find ideas to engage kids in nature conservation.


Coordinating between regions: an online meeting with the Ligurian project staff

Overcoming management fragmentation means confronting each other to establish coordinated lines of action: that’s it!


International Monitoring Workshop 2020: online!

All Alpine Countries discuss an integrated surveillance of the wolf status at the population level


Online training on communication and ecotourism

A moment of training and exchange dedicated to environmental guides from all over Italy registered with AIGAE.


Valdieri, Coordinating Meeting for piedmontese partners

Good old days before the pandemic, when you could sit around a table and define actions, calendars, deadlines…


Valdieri, Antipoison Dog Unit - a new beginning!

Meeting between all the bodies and institutions responsible for the fight against poaching, coordinated by Carabinieri-Forestale.


San Michele Mondovì, meeting with citizens

A series of repeated sightings has aroused curiosity and fear: an evening to shed light and not create unfounded alarmism.


Turin, second meeting of the local stakeholder platform

An intense morning and afternoon to meet all the local stakeholders, collect petitions, identify solutions.



Di nuovo tra i cittadini

Informare gli abitanti delle zone di nuova o futura colonizzazione significa gettare le basi per la convivenza.


Back at school!

First intervention in class by the Parks Alpi Cozie and the Metropolitan City of Turin for the children of Piossasco, new frontier of the expansion of the wolf.


Valdieri, first press project press conference

First official presentation of the project to the public and intervention of the main co-funder of the project, the Fondazione Capellino, committed to the protection of biodiversity.


Kick-off meeting: official launch of the project

4 Alpine countries gathered around a table to find and implement concrete and coordinated solutions: from wolf monitoring to damage prevention, anti-poaching, ecotourism and communication.


Signature of the Grant agreement

With the countersignature by the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps of the Grant Agreement, the project starts…at least on paper!

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