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E : Public awareness and dissemination of results


Dissemination Planning and Execution

Communication plays a fundamental role in the management of a charismatic species such as the wolf. The planning and implementation of communication is divided into three sub-actions:

E1.1 Dissemination Planning and Execution



Stewardship and Media Office to Enhance Engagement, Replication and Multiplication of the Project Impact

E2.1 Stewardship Office

The Stewardship Office is a highly innovative organization that will map and network the key stakeholders (primarily: livestock farmers, hunters, environmental protection…



Developing Participatory Approach and Regional Stakeholders' Platforms

In this action we will use a participatory approach to bring together around a table periodically the main stakeholders (farmers, hunters, environmental protection associations).  We will use thematic platforms and local meetings to highlight critical issues and needs,…



Education to train the stewards of tomorrow

Educational activities aimed at school children and teachers are a pillar of communication activities. 

For teachers they are provided:

Training courses and summer schools for teachers…



Creativity for conservation: innovative dissemination campaigns

Highly innovative, creative and artistic productions can be an effective tool for the dissemination of scientific content. We will create an itinerant activity specifically designed for urban areas, the new frontier of the natural recolonization of the wolf, to…



Touring thematic conferences

Sharing knowledge and experience is essential in wolf conservation. For this reason, every year we will organize a thematic travelling conference that will touch all the partner states and several alpine cities:

  • 2020, Italy, Bolzano
  • 2021, France,…
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