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Stewardship and Media Office to Enhance Engagement, Replication and Multiplication of the Project Impact

E2.1 Stewardship Office

The Stewardship Office is a highly innovative organization that will map and network the key stakeholders (primarily: livestock farmers, hunters, environmental protection associations, but also tourism professionals, local craftsmen, …) and associations, companies or private citizens who for some reason are involved in the theme of the wolf presence of the wolf (e.g. hikers, cultural or craft associations, nature parks, teachers, nature guides, tour operators, publishers) and share some of the objectives of the project. 

The aim of the Stewardship Office is to work together with these people according to the principles of ecological stewardship (the shared management of an ecological resource) and joint work on shared objectives. How? By actively involving stewards in project activities and/or sharing project information, materials and results for re-use and dissemination, ensuring a much greater and more effective impact of project communication than if it were kept exclusively by the project team. 

The key results of the Stewardship Office will be:

  • a stakeholder mapping shared and compiled by all partners.
  • an online space presenting the list of stewards and their history of collaboration with the project. By the end of the project this online resource will become a booklet.

E2.2 Media Office

The Media Office of LIFE WOLFALPS EU is the project press office, which will produce an Alpine press review, collecting daily the main articles about the project and the presence of the wolf in the Alps, identifying the critical points where it is necessary to intervene in real time, with a specific conservation and/or communication action. The Media Office also has the task to produce, translate and disseminate press releases in the different project languages (Italian, French, Austrian, Slovenian), check the news and deal with debunking.

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