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Dissemination Planning and Execution

Communication plays a fundamental role in the management of a charismatic species such as the wolf. The planning and implementation of communication is divided into three sub-actions:

E1.1 Dissemination Planning and Execution

The conservation of the wolf as a sustainable balance between wolf presence and human activities is the concept behind the Communication Strategy of the project, which proposes the basic elements on which weto articulate communication: objectives, contents, targets, methods, key messages of the project, coordinated image, shared operational protocols. The communication actions are strongly connected with the conservation actions: for each action carried out by the conservation group an awareness campaign will be developed in parallel. 

Action E1.2 Development of the Dissemination Pack

We will translate the communication strategy into concrete communication products, such as: videos, educational materials for the LIFE Alpine Young Ranger programme, information material to return the results of the prey-predator-hunter study, manual for monitoring operators, guidelines on responsible tourism in areas of wolf presence, leaflets, posters, flyers, events to the public.

Action E1.3 Networking with other LIFE and non LIFE Projects

In Europe and around the world, projects related to wolf conservation or related topics have been implemented and/or are ongoing. With this action we intend to establish contacts with most of the existing projects in order to establish collaborations, exchange of knowledge, pilot experiences, know-how and good practices. 

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