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Developing Participatory Approach and Regional Stakeholders’ Platforms

In this action we will use a participatory approach to bring together around a table periodically the main stakeholders (farmers, hunters, environmental protection associations).  We will use thematic platforms and local meetings to highlight critical issues and needs, identify and facilitate solutions, and share relevant project results with each stakeholder.

E3.1 Thematic Platforms

The Stewardship Office will organise dialogue platforms with stakeholders. These participatory meetings function as “antennas” to detect consensus on the project and to understand the issues and problems on which to intensify efforts. The platforms are also an opportunity to disseminate project vision, mission and results.

All partners will periodically organize local different thematic platforms for discussion according to the local context, urgent issues and needs of the participants. All the proceedings of the meetings will be published on the project website and subsequently collected and published in a special booklet.

E3.2 Meetings with Stakeholders

Thanks to this sub-action, meetings will be organised at local level with each of the stakeholder categories to discuss the issues relevant for each category and to inform about the results of the project.

In each country of the project, meetings will be organized with:

  • livestock farmers, to discuss predator damage and prevention systems.
  • hunters, to share the results of the evaluation of the prey-predator-hunter dynamics.

Every year, in Italy, a meeting will also be organized with environmental protection associations.

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