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Creativity for conservation: innovative dissemination campaigns

Highly innovative, creative and artistic productions can be an effective tool for the dissemination of scientific content. We will create an itinerant activity specifically designed for urban areas, the new frontier of the natural recolonization of the wolf, to inform and involve the public of the cities on the theme of the wolf’s return and the problems and opportunities it brings.

Our proposal is an immersive show and exhibition: an itinerant thematic exhibition that, instead of starting from theoretical contents (as the traveling exhibition in the LIFE WOLFALPS project did) it starts from emotions and feelings, to face the wolf as a cultural animal. We will commission high-level artists, digital works of art that reflect more widespread feelings about wolves and wilderness. We will use immersive spaces to present these works to the public, in special environments where people can “get lost” in the suggestions of nature conservation.

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