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Summary of Best Practices for wolf population management and Slovenia Management plan

Within this action, we will summarize all key findings in activities regarding best practices for wolf coexistence and management developed in Actions A, C, D, and E, in a document called “Summary of best practices carried out within LIFE WOLFALPS EU project”. The Summary will be prepared following the multidisciplinary protocols, reports and recommendations developed within the LIFE IFE WolfAlps EU Actions. The main objective of the Summary is to collect the best practices developed within LIFE WolfAlps EU project, thereby increasing the potential for their long-term implementation within the project area and in other parts of Europe. It will contribute to conservation and give the directions how to minimize the human-wolf conflicts.

The Summary is an important instrument to establish a system of long-term conservation and management of wolf in the Alps. Moreover, the Summary will be an instrument that will
facilitate institutions to work cooperatively together and be coordinated in conservation actions.

Other key outputs of this action:

  • in Slovenia: elaboration of a revised Strategy and Action plan for the wolf, which will be adopted by the Ministry before the end of the project.
  • in Italy: round table organized once a year (Regions, Autonomous Provinces, ISPRA and Ministry of the Environment)  to share all the results with management implications and best practices developed in Actions A, C, D, and E.
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