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Training of new anti-poisoning dog units and coordination of international and national environmental judicial policy – definition of the overall strategy

Poisoned baits and poaching cause large wolf and wildlife mortality are dangerous to people and pets. However, poisoning is difficult to counteract because it is silent and hard to detect. We will transfer the know-how and best practices developed on the topic to the other alpine regions and constitute new anti-poison dog units in new areas, as well as reinforce the already constituted units, with an overall alpine coordination of the international and national environmental judicial policies. This action is preparatory for Action C2.

The action will be implemented through 5 steps:

  • Coordination and evaluation of the initial situation;
  • Development of operating strategy for the creation of a central structure of environmental policy, which will support and coordinate environmental police forces in the fight against environmental crime and in particular poaching and poisoning wolves, managed by Carabinieri Forestali;
  • Creation and training of more anti-poison dog units based on the results and methods developed in the first LIFE WolfAlps project;
  • Transfer of best practices and training courses for anti-poaching.
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