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Transboundary cooperation and coordination: establish the international Alpine wolf population working groups

Getting off on the right foot takes a lot of initial effort, but it’s worth it. Intra- and inter- national coordination is the key word to decrease management fragmentation, considering the alpine wolf population as a unique biological unit. Every project activity must be coordinated to ensure consistency in conservation practices, surveillance, communication and conflict mitigation measures and to ensure that the actions implemented by partners enhance each other.

In Action A1 we have established coordinated working groups and common agreements.

The coordinated working groups are:

  • “Steering Committee”: general implementation of the Project in connection with Supporters;
  • “Technical-Conservation Group”: implementation of actions A-C-D;
  • Communication Group”: implementation of actions C-E;  
  • “Administrative Group”: indentification and implementation of coordinated administrative procedures;
  • “International Scientific Committee”: help with advice on scientific matters when required.

After a three days kick-off meeting in Valdieri, we established the general organization for the implementation of the project, we agreed on the workflow and representation of the groups at the regional, national and international level, we planned a detailed list of meetings over the years and defined the project Action Plan.

Coordination activities will be continued in Action F1.

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