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Associazione Cacciatori Trentini (ACT)

Associazione Cacciatori Trentini (ACT)

Associazione Cacciatori Trentini

Associazione Cacciatori Trentini (ACT)

Job Title

Associazione Cacciatori Trentini

Associazione Cacciatori Trentini has been identified by the Autonomous Province of Trento as the most representative hunter association at the local scale. For this reason, it has been delegated to the direct management of the three main ungulate species of the province (red deer, roe deer and chamois). Beside managing hunting activities, the association also carries out surveys and monitoring of fauna species, large carnivores included. It also supports research projects and environment protection activities in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and other local institutions. In addition, it supports health monitoring activities, provides support in case of natural disasters, and performs restoration and improvement interventions of natural habitats. To efficiently fulfill such goals, the association counts on qualified and graduated wildlife technicians and on personnel responsible for hunting surveillance, faunistic census and other technical tasks. In the context of the Stewardship Program, the association is interested in taking active part in the wolf population monitoring at the local scale, in promoting a correct information on the wolf to hunters, and to participate in a study to understand predator-prey dynamics.

Accordo di Stewardhip

ACT already collaborate with MUSE and the Autonomous Province of Trento, contributing to the wolf monitoring activities, and, in general, carnivores monitoring in the Province.

The main objectives of the stewardship agreement are:

  • Go on with the collaboration in wolf monitoring activities by further training both ACT personnel and hunters and provide them with the necessary tools to a correct and efficient data collection on the field, as well as motivate them to pursue a long-term wolf monitoring on the territory.
  • Favour a correct and objective information on wolf presence to hunters. To this purpose, informative-training meetings for ACT personnel and hunters in each hunting District/Reserve will be planned.
  • production and publication of informative articles on the wolf in Association’s journal “Il Cacciatore Trentino”
  • Start a study on wolf-prey relationship in Trentino

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