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Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo

Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo

Io Non Ho Paura del Lupo - associazione di promozione sociale

Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo

Job Title

Io Non Ho Paura del Lupo - associazione di promozione sociale

Io non ho paura del lupo” is an association composed by people who work and live in the mountain, citizens, passionate for nature and professionals. The association was born with the aim of favouring coexistence between wolves and human activities. Since its establishment, the association is active on several topics: dissemination of correct information on the wolf and wildlife in general, monitoring wolf on the Alps and Apennines through non-invasive methods, creating communication campaigns through media and multimedia platforms,with a Facebook page with more than 70000 followers with the aim of spreading information and create a respectful debate.

Io non ho paura del lupo regularly organize field events for its member, events for the general public, and all the stakeholders who can be in conflicts with the wolf.



Accordo di Stewardhip

Organisation of public events and trekking having as a topic the wolf, in areas where the species is present and with the aim of engaging the farmers/breeders/shepherds who live in that area and adopt preventive measure to coexist with wolves. The specific topic and activities of each field trip/public event might differ depending on the context, but they must always include at least a visit to a “virtuous” farmer/breeder/shepherd who can illustrate his/her experiences and issues in coexisting with the wolf. In that occasion a refreshing stop will be organized, during which the farmer/breeder/shepherd can sell his/her products

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