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Project steward educates school children

30 May 2023
Slovenia Forest Service

Three hunting clubs from Bohinj, Slovenia, organised the traditional School Hunting Day for pupils of the fifth grade of the Bohinj Primary School.

This time, our project Steward – the hunting club Bohinjska Bistrica – presented to the curious pupils, among other topics, the work and results of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project. The Stewards introduced them our joint field work activities on roe deer and wolf study, explained about the experience of participating in roe deer captures for the purpose of fitting a telemetry collar, showed the project results on the movement and activity of roe deer, and taught them about the importance of roe deer for the whole forest ecosystem.

The pupils were enthusiastic about the School Naturalistic day. During the hike through the flowering meadows, guided by the hunters, they learnt about nature, animals and the rules of conduct when walking in nature. At the hunting lodge, they were greeted by hunting-horn players, which was followed by a joint cultural programme of pupils and hunters. Afterwards, pupils were introduced to additional natural science content and to didactic material on wildlife. The LIFE WolfAlps EU and LIFE Lynx projects were also presented to the pupils in an interesting and interactive way. A delicious picnic lunch was of course not to be missed, so that the youngsters had then enough energy for the competition games and the return trip from the plateau.