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Bohinjska Bistrica Hunting Club as LIFE WolfAlps EU Steward

14 March 2022
Slovenia Forest Service

We are delighted to welcome the Bohinjska Bistrica hunting club as a Steward within the LIFE WolfAlps EU project. It is because we believe that both, similar or different points of view empowers us all in improving human-wolf coexistence strategies.

Bohinjska Bistrica Hunting Club as LIFE WolfAlps EU Steward - Life Wolfalps EU

The management of large carnivores – including wolves – in the Alps involves various stakeholders, such as livestock breeders, hunters and conservationists. The cooperation Stewardship Program was created with the aim to involve more actively those stakeholders, who are willing to cooperate with the project in terms of ideas, knowledge and new activities.

Bohinjska Bistrica hunting club was founded in 1946 and has 44 members. Its emblem represents capercaillie, a highly endangered species of Tetraoninae in Slovenia, which is present in the Bohinjska Bistrica hunting ground, but is rare. The hunting ground is highly mountainous, ranging from 500 to 1.800 m above sea level. It is located on the periphery of the Triglav National Park in the municipality of Bohinj.

Beside managing hunting activities and taking care of hunting surveillance, the hunting club Bohinjska Bistrica also carries out surveys and monitoring of two protected large carnivores, wolf and Eurasian lynx. It supports research projects and environment protection activities in collaboration with research and expert institutions. The members of the hunting club cooperate well with the neighboring hunting clubs in the municipality of Bohinj (Nomenj – Gorjuše and Stara Fužina) as many joint informative and popular activities are carried out each year.

In the frame of LIFE WolfAlps EU project, the hunting club Bohinjska Bistrica is cooperating with Slovenia Forest Service in a study of predator-prey-hunters dynamics. They are also aware of the importance of disseminating verified and objective information on wildlife. In order to provide the local inhabitants with correct and objective information on the activities of the hunters and the LIFE WolfAlps EU project, communication on these activities will be promoted in diverse ways in the framework of the Stewardship programme.

Bohinjska Bistrica Hunting Club as LIFE WolfAlps EU Steward - Life Wolfalps EU
Roe deer with a telemetry collar, captured in Bohinjska Bistrica hunting ground.