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Providing young people with appropriate knowledge about the wolf (Slovenia)

13 July 2023
Slovenia Forest Service

Thanks to educational workshops, the project has already been presented to almost 1,000 Slovenian pupils, from kindergarten to high school. As experiential learning promotes the acquisition of new knowledge and, above all, encourages the development of positive attitudes, we have used a variety of biological materials such as skulls, furs and footprints, as well as demonstrations of field equipment (e.g. camera traps, telemetry collars) used in the field to introduce the characteristics of large carnivores and their monitoring approaches.

For vocational and high school students, we used a role-play approach to stimulate critical thinking and to learn about the multidimensionality of wolf conservation and management, while for younger children we used a more creative approach, where they were able to better empathize with a selected representative of large carnivores through the making of paper-ears and footprint necklaces.