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Stakeholders’ Engagement

The wolf presence goes far beyond the ecology issue and involves economic, political and social aspects. Its influence on community life is greater the more the space of action of humans and wolves is shared.

Technicians and researchers agree that stakeholders engagement in conservation programs is an essential requirement to ensure the achievement of the set goals and to set up solid and participatory coexistence paths. It will be important to reach out the actors who interact in different ways with the wolf: breeders, hunters, politicians, journalists, hikers, tour operators and educators.

Stakeholders’ Engagement

The Stewardship Office will be the operational tool through which we will pursue this goal: dialogue platforms, through which the concerns, needs and requests of the numerous stakeholders can be expressed. The Stewardship Office is a structure capable of working at different geographical scales, from the local reality to the alpine scale, favoring the sharing of good practices and experiences.

The goal is to activate a virtuous circle in which sharing the responsibility for wolf conservation can generate positive repercussions on all the actors involved, as expressed by the Anglo-Saxon concept of environmental stewardship.

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