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Thematic platform with livestock breeders from Slovenia

31 March 2022
Slovenia Forest Service

In order to gain user experience on the use of high electric fences for the protection of grazing animals, to improve the measure, to adapt its use and feasibility, the Slovenia Forest Service together with the DINA Centre organized a meeting with livestock breeders. The event, organized in the framework of the LIFE WOLFALPS EU project, was attended by 17 livestock farmers from different regions of Slovenia and by four large carnivore damage inspectors.

The participants were first informed about the latest developments in the field of damage prevention. Afterwards we held a workshop on the use of high electric fences, during which participants identified the key advantages and disadvantages in terms of technical characteristics and the use or maintenance of the measure. In group sessions the participants also discussed challenges such as co-financing opportunities. All these suggestions will serve as a starting point for further work on damage prevention.

The main orientation agreed by all present was that, although this preventive measure needs to be optimized, it serves its key purpose – the safety of grazing animals, the reduction of damages and, consequently, the possibility of maintaining farming in the areas where large carnivores are present.

Participants of the event also visited the large carnivore exhibition in Dina Pivka Information Centre.