Sold out the first project summer school

20 avgusta 2020

From 4 to 6 September 2020 the first project summer school (CN) will be held in Valle Gesso (CN): all thirty places have been filled in a flash by teachers from all over the Italian Alpine project area. A great success that testifies the interest in the topic.

The final objective is to provide teachers of all disciplines – from science to humanities, but also art or motor skills – with the indispensable tools to develop the wolf as an educational element in a multidisciplinary context, declined in a correct, objective and effective way within each curricular teaching.

From the wolf as a wild animal present in the contemporary alpine environment, to the wolf that inhabits the collective imagination, passing through historical events and conflicts triggered by coexistence with the species in Europe. We will explore many ways of presenting the wolf and using it from time to time both as a flag species to raise awareness of biodiversity and as a common thread to describe the transformation of the Alpine landscape in the last century as well as a metaphor and a narrative expedient.

The strengths of the Summer School will be the high quality of the scientific content, the preparation and experience of the speakers, the activities in the field – mountain pasture excursion, practical experimentation of didactic activities, night walk – and the meetings with the stakeholders: mountain pasture farmer, biologists, veterinarians, park ranger. The theme of the wolf will be explored in depth in the media between sensationalism and instrumental use, with an in-depth examination of how to identify fake news (about the wolf and not) and how to verify information on the web.