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First teacher and nature guide training course at Parchi Alpi Cozie, Italy

9 March 2023
Aree Protette Alpi Cozie

On Saturday 4th of March 2023 took place the last outdoor activity of the teacher and nature guide training course “A Scuola col Lupo. A “class of teachers” and a “class of nature guides” completed the first training course of the LWA EU project at Parchi Alpi Cozie, taking part to the online lessons on February 23rd and 28th and to the afternoon session at Parco naturale del Gran Bosco of Salbertrand.

During the two online meetings, the employees and collaborators of the Parchi Alpi Cozie presented the complexity of the ‘wolf’ theme, touching on its various aspects: scientific, ecological, historical-cultural and communication aspects, in order to provide comprehensive information and food for thought so that teachers and guides can convey current knowledge and actively involve young students and nature users in environmental education, both in the classroom and outdoors.

The final field experience was an opportunity for direct encounters with breeder Giorgio Bergero, who witnessed the difficult coexistence with the predator in the summer alpine pastures, and with the account of park ranger Gianabele Bonicelli, who daily looks after Luna, the Cottian Alps Parks’ Anti-Poison Dog Unit, active in the LIFE project and beyond.
The outing in the park with the accompaniment of the Parchi Alpi Cozie Guides, Laura Matta and Marco Pozzi, allowed a short excursion on snow, also identifying signs of the wolf’s presence and continuing to talk about its many perspectives.

Finally, teachers who play an important role in involving young students were invited to join the project as Ambassadors by telling stories, experiences, wolf projects in the classroom as some teachers have already done here.

For a better organisation of the course, the Alpi Cozie Parks availed themselves of the valuable collaboration of the centre Formont per la Formazione Professionale.

First teacher and nature guide training course at Parchi Alpi Cozie, Italy - Life Wolfalps EU
The participants. Photo: APAC.