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Online the LWA EU V International Conference Book of Abstracts

17 November 2023

The abstracts of the fifth international conference of LIFE WolfAlps EU are now online: “Towards large-scale wolf population monitoring-Challenges and perspectives”.
The conference, organised by the Alpi Marittime Protected Areas, the University of Turin and the Metropolitan City of Turin, was held on 19 September 2023 at the Aula Magna of the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (DBIOS) in Turin. The conference was very well attended: 600 people registered, coming from 24 countries, 140 people were present in the hall and about 300 followed the streaming.
The conference was an opportunity to discuss the estimation of the status of wolf populations on a large scale, examining the pros and cons of current statistical and genetic data analysis techniques applied in different European countries: Scandinavia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, as well as the transnational alpine population.
Obtaining an accurate and robust estimate of wolf populations is fundamental for defining the interventions required for the conservation and management of the species. The numerical and spatial expansion of the species in Europe makes it even more challenging to make estimates at the level of the entire population (which in many cases, such as the Alpine one, extends beyond the administrative borders of individual states). The development of increasingly sophisticated genetic analysis methods and statistical models makes it possible to obtain increasingly accurate estimates, which overcome the difficulties of collecting data in the field.

Download the book of abstracts HERE