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International project team gathers on Jelovica plateau in Slovenia

21 November 2022
Slovenia Forest Service

Project partners from Italy, France and Slovenia met in the Slovenian study site on a working visit in regards to a common project study on relationship between predators, prey and hunting (Action C3). The study is taking place in four study areas in these three countries and while conducting a survey, researchers and managers follow common protocol for data collection, which needs to be up-dated and adjusted when new data are pouring in and new issues emerge.

International project team gathers on Jelovica plateau in Slovenia - Life Wolfalps EU
Working visit participants from Slovenia, Italy and France on Jelovica plateau in NW Slovenia, November 2022. Photo: Luca Corlatti.

Besides, the study is based on a cooperation with hunters in all four study sites, hunters thus being a crucial element in successful implementation of the study. During the conduction of the study, hunters are playing an important role in fieldwork and roe deer data acquisition.

In addition, other stakeholders participated in this working visit in Slovenia, for example livestock breeders, managing authorities and wildlife biology students. We thoroughly examined the Slovenian study site and introduced our methodology on wolf and roe deer captures to the participants. We demonstrated the methods of capturing and monitoring of these species in the field, fine-tuned instruments’ settings, calibrated data acquisition, and discussed trouble-shooting issues connected with the field methodology and field equipment. We made a point on current state of this common study, and discussed our future work plans.