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Hunters from Jelovica area in Slovenia gathered on a congress

28 December 2021
Slovenia Forest Service

In the frame of the LWA EU project we study also ecological and biological characteristics of wolf and roe deer and their interconnections with human activities. Together with other project partners from Italy and France, we are carrying out an international study to find out what are relationship among predators, prey, and human activities in the Alpine region.

This is why the project teams from Slovenia Forest Service and Department of Biology at Biotecnical Faculty from University of Ljubljana gathered together with hunting clubs from the Jelovica area in the beginning of December at a congress in Sorica. We discussed the study design, its implementation in the field, the cooperation in data collection and the methods to be used.

The hunting clubs Jelovica, Jošt-Kranj, Selca, Železniki, Sorica, Bohinjska Bistrica, Nomenj-Gorjuše, Bled and Triglav National Park have actively joined the study and have already started with their field activities. We look forward to this cooperation and obtained results.