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First roe deer radio-collared in Slovenia

22 February 2021
Slovenia Forest Service

The message, set off by the automatic closure of the sliding doors on the box-traps last week, alerted the experts from Slovenia Forest Service, that roe deer was captured. In both box-traps, set to capture roe deer under the Jelovica plateau in the Gorenjska region, SW Slovenia, roe deer bucks were captured. In one a yearling, in the second an adult buck, both still with their new antlers covered in velvet, soft tissue that enables the growth of the antlers with its blood vessels and nerves.

First roe deer radio-collared in Slovenia - Life Wolfalps EU

Both males were equipped with GPS/GSM telemetry-collar and ear-tagged. The locations of bucks’ movements, received from the collars for the next two years, will uncover important aspects of roe deer spatial behaviour, movements and activity patterns in Slovenia. We will also follow the seasonal changes in their spatial behaviour and activity in connection with territoriality.

The first two radio-collared bucks in Slovenia are named »Andraž« and »Jule« after the hunters that participate in the project. We are proud on a fruitful cooperation with hunters in Gorenjska region, looking forward to a new knowledge on roe deer ecology that will contribute to shape even better management decisions for this hunted species.

Acquired data will also give an insight into the ecological process of predation or the relationship between prey and predator species, as in the close-by area, a member of a wolf pack Jelko has been radio-collared, too. A detailed information on the influence of predator on prey species will contribute to adoption of measures to reduce conflict with wolves in Slovenia and beyond.