Education Stakeholders’ engagement Young Ranger

Discover the many perspectives of life with the wolves through the street art festival and Young Ranger booklet

16 June 2022
University of Ljubljana

In Bled, as part of the EU project LIFE Wolfalps EU, the Biotechnical Faculty combines two activities in one event: the street art festival “Living with Wolves” and the Young Ranger programme, which also introduces this side of life to children and young people. So come to the Zdraviliški park on Saturday, June 18, between 11 am and 3 pm!

The international artists of the Artists for Nature Foundation will be in Slovenia, in the Dinaric region, a few days before Saturday. Their aim is to meet with various stakeholders from areas where wolf is present. They will then create images of life with wolves on the ground, sharing their different feelings, views and experiences. On Saturday, their works will be on display in the Zdraviliški park, some of them will be completed, perhaps even start new …

In addition to exhibiting the works and talking to the artists, we will also have a stand of the international Young Ranger programme. Life with wolves is also interesting for children and teenagers! They can solve fun tasks from a colourful booklet presenting different perspectives of life with wolves, and also see how wolves can be explored.

To make it a bit more fairy tale-like, we will also dive into fairy tales and riddles about wolves and the Enchanted Forest by the Kamot Culture and Art Association.

You are invited to discover life with wolves!