Damage prevention news

Damage prevention measures implemented in Slovenia in 2021

6 January 2022
Slovenia Forest Service

Also in 2021, many activities within the LWA EU project in Slovenia were focused on finding solutions to prevent damages caused by wolves to grazing animals. For this purpose, we implemented five sets of electric nettings: two in the Severnoprimorska region, one in Ilirska Bistrica region, one in the Osrednjeslovenska region and one in the area of Kostel. Of these, four kits are meant to protect small livestock and one to protect cows with calves. We also helped four other breeders who needed immediate help after the wolf attack. With the installation of temporary intervention kits we managed to prevent further damage, and in the meantime we tried to advise breeders how to implement a permanent protection.

From different projects and funds allocated to breeders by the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO), 87 sheep breeders and 6 cattle breeders use high electric nettings to protect their herds from large carnivores.

In September, ARSO handed over the role of co-financier to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning (MOP), which will continue to provide assistance to farmers and other landowners who experience damages. We will also continue to help farmers within LIFE projects.