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Customized night enclosure arranged in the highest Slovenian village

19 November 2020
Slovenia Forest Service

Wolves have been present in Gorenjska region for the last three years. Since then, we hear about them most often in connection with depredation events on sheep. In this region there are several pastures, where the protection of grazing animals from carnivores is a great challenge for farmers. We faced such a challenge in cooperation with a breeder from Zgornje Danje, the highest Slovenian village on 1099 meters altitude.

The breeder suffered a significant loss on his herd because of repeated wolf attacks. Together, we found a suitable solution and, as part of the project, supported the breeder’s idea of ​​establishing a permanent night enclosure, into which he will gather the herd every evening. The 400 meters long high enclosure is equipped with two wires of electricity on the outside which prevent undermining and climbing the fence. It is a measure that is adapted to the terrain and meets the requirements of breeding sheep in the area of large carnivores presence. This measure requires an additional breeder’s effort to gather the herd every night and release the animals in the morning. Collaboration in finding solutions was crucial in this case.