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Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of the Project and Ecosystem Functions

Concrete management actions must bear an impact on the ecosystem, both in ecological and economic terms. The purpose of this action is to evaluate the usefulness and the success of the concrete conservation actions actions implemented, in order to assess the impact of the project on the ecosystem and on the welfare of the local populations.

The monitoring strategy will be defined within the first year of the project. To be effective this study will be structured from the first year and gather data for the whole duration of the project. It will have a strong coordination from EURAC, the responsible beneficiary of the action, to ensure that each partner reports periodically on the output and impact of the project. In particular, at the beginning of the project we will produce a set of socio-economic indicators that will be developed and agreed among the project team for each of the project actions. At the same time, we will also develop ecosystem functions indicators, and for this we will consult the MAES guidelines (Mapping and Assessing Ecosystems and their Services).

The quantitative assessment of the economic impact will be complemented by an assessment of the social impact of the project.

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