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Young Rangers in Pivka – the mission of a life with wolves!

10 June 2022
University of Ljubljana

The wolf is often perceived as a symbol of nature conservation and undoubtedly plays an important role in the forest landscape. However, this does not mean that living in an area where wolves are present does not bring additional challenges. In this mission, we invite children and young people to participate in the Young Ranger Programme and learn about the different professions that are affected by the presence of wolves!

The Young Ranger Programme is accessible through a network of parks in Slovenia, Italy and France. The goal of this network is to connect wolf areas across national borders, as people in these areas face very similar challenges. Thus, in each of the participating parks, you can receive a picture booklet depicting people with different professions: shepherdess, park ranger, researcher, etc. Each of them explains their perspective on living with wolves through fun questions and tasks.

Young Rangers in Pivka - the mission of a life with wolves! - Life Wolfalps EU

On Saturday, June 11, Large carnivore centre DINA Pivka is preparing a special programme for International Lynx Day. Since DINA is one of the institutions that belong to the Young Ranger Network, we grabbed this opportunity – so you are invited to join the workshop! The mission is to learn about the different backgrounds of living with wolves!

You are welcome to visit!

Event programme of the Dina Centre for the Lynx Day: