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The third roe deer capturing season in Slovenia started

29 November 2022
Slovenia Forest Service

After a successful previous season of roe deer captures on the Jelovica plateau and the data obtained from the animals telemetrically monitored so far, the project team is already preparing for the up-coming winter. Together with hunters from the Selca and Železniki hunting clubs, we have already visited their home terrain and selected potential locations for this year’s box traps. A well-considered choice of micro-locations for capturing is crucial for the success of attracting roe deer to the vicinity of the trap.

This season’s captures will attempt to replace those monitored animals from which we are no longer receiving telemetry data (either due to collar malfunction or predation by large carnivores). Telemetrical monitoring of roe deer has already provided interesting insights into their spatial behaviour and seasonal home ranges, and the new data will also provide larger sample for statistical data processing. 

The third roe deer capturing season in Slovenia started - Life Wolfalps EU
Preparations for the new capturing season like always started with a thorough inspection of the hunting ground in search of potential suitable micro-locations for the setting of box traps. Once again, hunters are helping extensively. Photo: Nives Pagon.

Box traps are also equipped with automatic cameras to monitor the process of attracting roe deer, so there are always warning notices with additional information in the surrounding area.