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Responsible tourism related to wolves – training seminar for tourist guides

30 March 2023
University of Ljubljana

As a charismatic species, the wolf can attract the attention of tourists and facilitate tourism development. It is very important that tourism is planned in a way that minimises the impact of activities on wolves and does not provoke conflicts with local people. Therefore, as part of the project, we have prepared Guidelines for responsible wolf tourism, which will be presented at a training seminar for tourist guides.

The seminar will include a theoretical part, where participants will learn about wolf biology and ecology, guidelines for responsible implementation of wolf-related tourism and the basics of forest pedagogics. We will present examples of good practices of wolf-related tourism programmes that focus on observing signs of wolf presence in nature and experiencing the wolf habitat. This will be followed by a field session in the form of a guided hike with a field biologist. Practical workshops on learning about and experiencing nature through forest pedagogics will also be presented in the field.

The seminar will take place on Sunday, 16 April 2023, at the Jezero Tourist Information Centre in Kočevje. More information can be found below (in Slovenian language)!