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Stewardship promotes correct information on wolf ecology, monitoring and management

26 January 2022

In Trentino, the Stewardship Program promotes correct information on the wolf among hunters, thanks to the collaboration between MUSE and the Trentino Hunters Association (Associazione Cacciatori Trentini – ACT).

“How is the wolf managed in your country?” “What are the effects of wolf culling on the frequency of predations on livestock, on wolf population trend, and on acceptance by local communities?”

Stewardship promotes correct information on wolf ecology, monitoring and management - Life Wolfalps EU
The first page of the third article that was published in “Il Cacciatore Trentino” in December 2021.

These are the questions we asked the experts from France, Austria and Slovenia to write the third and last (for 2021) article on the wolf, published in the December issue of “Il Cacciatore Trentino“, the magazine of Associazione Cacciatori Trentini, now available online at this link.

We wanted to end the year with an in-depth article on wolf management, both at the national and European levels. This is a hot topic, which often ends up at the center of the socio-political debate but on which, after all, we always know too little. For this reason, together with the association’s technicians, we have tried to tackle the issue with an objective approach, also taking advantage of the international network of experts of the LWA EU project to gain precise and reliable information on wolf management in other European countries.

The publishing of articles in the ACT’s magazine is part of the activities agreed with the Associazione Cacciatori Trentini within the Stewardship Program, to promote the dissemination of correct and objective information on the wolf.

If you missed the first two articles, you can find them here (in Italian):

Il lupo in Trentino. Cosa sappiamo di questo predatore, a quasi dieci anni dal suo ritorno in provincia?

Il monitoraggio del lupo. Obiettivi, metodi e status della popolazione alpina e in Trentino.

For more details on the ongoing collaboration with the association, visit the page