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Jelovica area in Slovenia is ready for a new roe deer capture season

1 December 2021
Slovenia Forest Service

Project team from Slovenia and hunting clubs from the Jelovica plateau are already intensively preparing grounds for the upcoming winter roe deer captures. We will capture roe deer by means of wooden box traps, so that we can equip the animals with telemetry collars, which will enable us to study their movements, space use in different seasons and their activity.

Hunting clubs Jelovica, Jošt-Kranj, Selca, Železniki, Sorica and Bohinjska Bistrica have already installed box traps in their hunting grounds and equipped them with notifications. The box traps are a safe means to capture roe deer and the alarm system quickly notifies the capture team, waiting nearby, that the trap has been closed.

The data obtained from telemetry collars on roe deer will be used also for studying prey-predator relationships in our forest ecosystem.