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I saw a wolf!

26 July 2022

A new infographic with useful advices on how to behave if you encounter a wolf in urban and in natural areas

I saw a wolf! - Life Wolfalps EU

As the wolf population also expands into hilly and lowland areas, which are more densely populated than mountainous areas, opportunities for sightings in inhabited settings are increasing.

In itself, the fact that a wolf occasionally frequents inhabited areas should not cause concern. Wolves (and wild animals in general) may approach human settlements, sometimes even in daylight, especially during the winter period. Close encounters may occur under special conditions (e.g., if the wolf is out of wind). When such episodes remain occasional, they are not to be considered as confidant behavior.

Bold wolves are animals that have lost their natural mistrust of people and allow themselves to be approached, or approach, repeatedly without showing flight or fear reactions. A prerequisite for confidence is habituation, which can be reinforced by positive conditioning (for example, when food is provided to the animal, voluntarily or involuntarily). Therefore, it is appropriate to adopt behaviors that prevent the development of such behaviors in the wolf (and in wild animals in general).

There are different degrees of confidence, requiring different attentions and management interventions. In the event that the level of confidence becomes particularly high (the animal voluntarily and repeatedly approaches people and seems to show interest in them), attention must be maximized, to avoid the risk that interactions will result in aggressive behavior. For this reason, it is critical to notify the appropriate authorities if you notice any bold or abnormal behavior on the part of the wolf.

If you want to know more:

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