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First Young Ranger booklets filled in Pivka

7 July 2022
University of Ljubljana

On June 11, a rich programme took place in Pivka on the occasion of International Lynx Day. In addition to the events at the Large Carnivore Centre DINA Pivka, there was a fair with various stands in front of the centre. LIFE WolfAlps EU project team  was part of the celebration and presented the Young Ranger programme in addition to wolf biology and wolf research.

First Young Ranger booklets filled in Pivka - Life Wolfalps EU
A project stand in front of the DINA Pivka centre (photo: Manca Velkavrh)

At the stand, visitors could see a wolf skull, pet the fur of a wolf (which was killed in a car accident), check a telemetry collar, and find out how the automatic cameras work. A lot of attention also received the  Young Ranger booklet;  as soon as word of the booklets and badges spread among the children, more of them came to the stand and helped each other fill in the answers.

First Young Ranger booklets filled in Pivka - Life Wolfalps EU
Two visitors of the stand were eager to solve the booklet (photo:Dragica Jaksetič)

The Young Ranger is an international programme, with participating parks from France, Italy and Slovenia. Since we have our first Young Rangers in Pivka we are very happy to see the start of this programme within the project!