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First Summer School in Austria

31 October 2022
Veterinary University Vienna

From 1st to 2nd of October 2022, the first Summer School of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project in Austria took place in Scharnstein, Upper Austria. Together with the Naturschutzbund Österreich, this two-day training program for teachers, nature guides and nature guards provides comprehensive information on the wolf.

First Summer School in Austria - Life Wolfalps EU
Participants of the first summer school in Austria (c) T. Walter / Vetmeduni Vienna

The varied program offered comprehensive information on the subject of biology, protection, distribution and return of the wolf in the Alps and Central Europe. To liven things up, materials and exercises were shown that also conveyed this content in a playful way. How are wolf tracks measured correctly? What has to be considered when setting up an electric fence so that it can also be effective as a livestock protection measure? In addition, plaster traces of wolf and lynx could be cast.

On the second day, the participants dealt with the extensive topic of management: how can livestock protection work in the Alps, where can conflicts between wolves and humans occur and which measures help to reduce them and promote coexistence? There were extensive and intensive discussions, opinions were exchanged and new knowledge was acquired – all in all a very successful weekend!

Next year there will again be the opportunity to participate in a two-day Summer School!