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Young people are the next decision makers, who will be responsible for making decisions on environmental conservation. From pre-school to university students, we will involve them through tailor-made educational activities. 

Scientific information, field experience and emotion are the three ingredients we will use, combined in different ways depending on the age groups and interests of the children. In order to ensure the greatest possible objectivity, representatives of the world of breeding, hunting and environmental protection will also be invited to discuss with the children, who will be the protagonists of special conferences with experts at school.


Local schools will be involved in dedicated educational activities: through generations of informed children it is possible to build a lasting support to the conservation of the environment and the wolf, able to permeate local communities.

With the first LIFE Alpine Young Ranger programme dedicated to the wolf we will actively involve new generations in the conservation of the Alpine environment using the wolf as a starting point. We will encourage the training of a generation of informed boys and girls committed to active environmental protection, a powerful and effective long-term investment to support the conservation of the wolf and biodiversity in the Alps. The programme will be developed from 12 partner protected areas.

Teachers are also very important: potentially everyone can reach hundreds of young people in the course of their careers. Summer schools and training courses will be dedicated to the training of new project ambassadors.

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