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Wolf-dog Hybridization and Injured Wolves: Detection and Control in the Apennine Ecological Corridor and in the Alps

In Italy, wolf-dog hybridization is considered a serious threat to wolf conservation by the scientific community . This action is essential to prevent the loss of genetic identity due to the spread of hybridization cases (recently documented in the Northern Apennines) within the Alpine wolf population. 

Action C5 also addresses injured wolves that may occasionally display problematic attitudes (e.g. approaching settlements and people): these animals must be promptly recovered.

The main points of the action are:

  • Identification of possible hybrids throughout the Alps and in the Apennine corridor, identification of hot spots and priority areas where to focus interventions.
  • Interventions for the capture, sterilization and release of the hybrids identified in the priority areas.
  • The wildlife area “Uomini e Lupi” at APAM, which already hosts recovered wolves that can no longer be released in the wild, will be the reference structure for all Italian partners, used to host hybrids and injured wolves of the Alpine population.
  • Recovery of injured wolves and veterinary assistance at the “Men and Wolves” Centre. If the physical conditions and the context of the population allow it, the rescued individuals will then be released into the wild.
  • Information and awareness-raising campaign: the topic of hybridisation is a controversial and still poorly understood topic. A careful communication activity, with particular attention to the dialogue and discussion with environmental protection associations.
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