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A workshop for LWA EU predator-prey relationship study

21 July 2021

Last June, in the beautiful setting of the Stelvio National Park, the first workshop in presence for the coordination of actions A4 and C3 of LWA EU was held. What are these actions? Actions aimed at learning more about the “prey-predator relationship”, i.e. how the wolf influences the number and density of its wild prey populations…and vice versa.

Italian, Slovenian and French project partners are involved in the development of this study: the Stelvio National Park (PNS), Le Aree Protette Alpi Marittime (APAM), the University of Ljubijana (UL), the Slovenian Forest Service (SFS) and the Office français de la biodiversité (OFB). The study areas identified are 4: in 3 wolves and their prey are present in a stable way (Italy, France and Slovenia), while in 1 the wolf is not yet present (Italy). The aim is to capture and equip both prey and wolves with radio-collars.

Action A4 is the preparatory action of concrete action C3 which will implement the field study. The aim of this workshop was to boost an exchange between field technicyan and researchers involved in the study. This is really important to get uniform, standardized and comparable data. After many online meetings this was the first occasion for project partners involved in the actions to meet in person and discuss about field methods. such as captures and monitoring.

One of the main objectives of C3 action is to understand the effects of hunting and predation on wild ungulate populations. That’s why hunters are directly involved in the action, participating to captures and data gathering.

If you want to know more about C3 action stay tuned on our web site and you’ll get soon more info!