Damage prevention Stewardship

Networking in Slovenia with large carnivore experts from Alpine and Carpathian region

12 March 2024
Slovenia Forest Service

In the framework of the first joint conference of the Alpine and Carpathian convention on large carnivore management, a field trip excursion was organized for the participants. LIFE WolfAlps EU project’s partners from Slovenia presented their work on damage prevention using high electric fences and livestock guarding dogs (LGD). LGD and livestock breeder, Aleš Sedmak presented his experience with the topic. Afterwards the participants also visited the DINA center, where they also learned about the stewardship programme and DINA’s involvement in the LIFE WolfAlps EU project.

At the conference, representatives from 13 countries exchanged their experiences and solutions implemented within their countries. The conference was also a unique opportunity for policy experts to establish close cooperation in this field.