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Special Food for Special Dogs

11 November 2020
Aree Protette Alpi Marittime
Special Food for Special Dogs - Life Wolfalps EU
Myrtille, antipoison dog unit of the Metropolitan City of Turin, enjoys her reward after the exercise.

The first donation of pet food from project co-financer Fondazione Capellino to the Anti-poison Dog Units of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project has arrived!

Apparently even Covid does not stop poisoners: it is enough to take a quick look at the website dedicated to the poisonings documented in the last twelve months in Italy to realize that there is still too high a number of those who, out of ignorance or cruelty, use poison illegally to get rid of wild and domestic animals considered “annoying” or “too much”. Every year thousands of dogs, cats, foxes, badgers, wolves, birds of prey and not only are killed by toxic substances so powerful that they also put people’s lives at risk.

But if evil never sleeps, not even the Anti-poison Dog Units of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project are resting: in these months the training of the new dog units, puppies Sax and Sole has continued under the expert guidance of Roberta Bottaro.

Roberta has always been passionate about everything related to human and animal behaviour, she bases her work on science and experience, rejecting practices based on simple “commonsense”. She believes in the art and science of animal training and in her work she combines theory and practice to offer only the best to the dogs she works with.

In addition to the quality of training, the quality of the food is also essential: Myrtille, Luna, Nala, Sax and Sole find in their bowls the pet food Holistic Almo Nature, donated by Fondazione Capellino, co-financier of the project and independent and non-profit philanthropic foundation which aims to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and habitats through an ecology of mind and culture.

In October, over 400 dog meals were distributed in Piedmont and Liguria: a very concrete support to the precious anti-poaching activity conducted by the dogs and their conductors – park rangers and provincial police agents.