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Prey, predators and… Hunters! Presentation of action C3 in Alta Val Camonica

12 January 2022

On 21 December in Vezza D’Oglio (BS), in the setting of the Alta Val Camonica, a meeting was held on the study launched as part of the C3 action of Life WolfAlps EU, with particular reference to the Stelvio National Park. The aim of the study is to understand the dynamics between prey and predators in relation to human activities. The action, which involves 4 areas in Italy, Slovenia and France, foresees an active involvement of the hunting world.

During the evening, aimed at hunters from the Edolo and Ponte di Legno districts, ERSAF and PNS representatives and experts explained how research and the involvement of hunters play an important role in the coexistence between man, prey and the wolf in its process of natural recolonisation of these territories.