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Information and teaching material for teachers in Austria

21 December 2022
Veterinary University Vienna

The return of the wolf often poses a challenge for people. The provision of well-founded information for the public is essential in order to enable coexistence. One focus of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project is the education and training of people working with children and youth. In addition to the training courses for teachers and the summer school for all those working in the field of education, extensive documentation on the subject of wolves has been prepared for teachers and educators in Austria.

On a total of 152 pages with numerous photos and illustrations, this information is available for download for all interested parties. The first part of the documents deals in detail with the biology of the wolf: what do wolves look like, how and what do they hunt and eat, where do they live and how many animals does a wolf pack actually consist of? How far can wolves migrate and when did they return to Austria?

Information and teaching material for teachers in Austria - Life Wolfalps EU
Cover der Unterlagen für Lehrer:innen, Waldpädagog:innen, Naturführer:innen und andere Interessierte.

In the second part, the document is dedicated in detail to the return of wolves to Austria, but also to the areas of monitoring and livestock protection. How is the presence of wolves detected and what possibilities are there to protect sheep and goats from attacks?

The third part contains suggestions for exercises on the individual topics for different age groups and teaching areas, from biology to physical education. In addition to extensive references to the individual chapters, there is a lot of further information at the end on materials for various teaching activities.

HERE you can download the document (in German)!