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Ecotourism is not only one of the fastest growing segments of the global tourism market, but also a sort of economic key to supporting nature conservation.

Promoting ecotourism that does not compromise wolf conservation will bring direct and lasting economic benefits to local communities, local farmers and tourism professionals.


In particular, specific guidelines will be developed and shared in Slovenia and Italy on how to use wolves for tourism in a responsible way that brings positive economic returns to wolf areas.

Wolf-friendly trekkings to discover in a concrete way what the coexistence between predators and breeders means will be marketed. The pilot wolf-friendly brand to promote producers who work – with higher costs and effort – in areas where the wolf is present will be further developed. Moreover, we will organize one day events dedicated to improve the knowledge of the species (winter snowtracking) and to meet shepherds in mountain pastures to increase public awareness of what cohabitation means (in summer).

We will also try to find solutions for the collection and use of wool of different qualities. Currently, it is difficult for farmers in Italy to sell lower quality wool at a reasonable price – we will try to find ways for the use of this product and therefore increase the possible income of farmers.

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