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Measures Against Illegal Wolf Killing and Control of Poison Baits And Coordination of International and National Environmental Judicial Policy

The action will be implemented through four steps, after the preparatory action A2.:

  1. Coordination and function of the International and National Environmental Polices, with constant surveillance of poaching on alpine scale. This action will be coordinated by Carabinieri Forestali, to:
    1. ensure and develop the broadest mutual assistance between the various environmental police authorities, within the framework of the laws existing in the various Countries of the Project partners;
    2. develop and promote any type of action that can effectively contribute to the prevention and repression of environmental and poaching offences on the Canis lupus species. 

In Slovenia, within LIFE Lynx project, police investigative units have been established. The units were educated regarding wildlife crime, specifically large carnivore crime. Within this action those “police investigative units” will be additionally educated about wolf crime (poaching, poisoning), where knowledge from the italian “Anti poisoning dog teams” will be transferred. 

  1. Function of the “Anti poisoning / weapons dog teams” based on the results and methods developed in the first LIFE WOLFALPS.  Every anti-poisoning dog team will conduct:
  • regular training sessions
  • urgent intervention after the discovery of a dead wolf or other animals reported poisoned
  • intervention after formal requests.
  1. Detailed toxicological analyses on predator carcasses or on baits will be undertaken.
  2. Awareness campaign implementation for anti-poaching and dissemination of anti-poison dog units activity. The campaign will also be implemented to eradicate or at least minimize poaching and, in particular the use of poison: the support of informed and concerned citizens is essential.
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