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Monitoring of the wolf population in Austria 2020/2021

20 September 2022
Veterinary University Vienna

To date, wolf monitoring in Austria has been organized predominantly as passive monitoring. Each province has selected several individuals to follow up on reported observations. Most of the data comes from kill inspections (livestock and wildlife), images from camera traps set up by hunters or from random encounters. Active monitoring was only carried out on a small scale and limited in time in the area of known wolf packs in the north of Lower and Upper Austria within the framework of research projects or by the Austrian Armed Forces at the military training area Allentsteig.

Since 2009, new wolf individuals have been detected in Austria every year and in 2016 the first pack established at the Allentsteig military training area. Due to the growing populations in the neighbouring countries Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and the Czech Republic, the wolf population in Austria will continue to increase in the future. In the monitoring year 2020/2021 (May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021), a total of 50 individuals were detected in Austria.

The report regarding the monitoring of the Austrian wolf population in 2020/2021 can be downloaded HERE.

The annual reports on wolf monitoring in Austria are provided by the Austrian Center Bear Wolf Lynx and are structured by calendar year. They can be downloaded here (in German).