The Proceedings of the LIFE WOLFALPS conference are online: status of the wolf in the Alps in Europe!

Pubblicato il: 12 May 2016 da: LIFE WOLFALPS


Available for download the proceedings of the LIFE WOLFALPS conference, held in Cuneo (Italy) on 22 January 2016. A useful reference document for the status on the wolf in the European Alps. Download the proceedings in English or in Italian! Here the videos of the speeches (original language)!  

LIFE WOLFALPS CONFERENCE, Cuneo – 22nd of January 2016

Pubblicato il: 29 December 2015 da: LIFE WOLFALPS


The Wolf Population in the Alps: Status and Management, Cuneo 2nd of January 2016: The conference will address the issue of the natural return of the wolf in the Alps: give an update on the status of the population in each Alpine country, from France to Slovenia, and discuss the species’ conservation on the long term, also touching the debated topic of its management.

Field training for the TNP park rangers and volunteer rangers for the wolf monitoring in Triglav National Park

Pubblicato il: 23 February 2015 da: LIFE WOLFALPS


Within the context of the project LIFE WolfAlps Action A3 implementation, field training for the TNP park rangers, volunteer rangers and other interested public was conducted on Monday, 16th February 2015.